How to Make Money With Superlife

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How to make money with superlife
Here are the steps on how to make money with superlife


1. Sign up and become a SUPER (495,000)

2. Refer or sponsor 2 people who also sign up as SUPER’s as well

3. Place one on your left and the other on your right leg

Just these 3 steps alone would have earned you *N423,000* instantly and which you can withdraw into your bank account right away.

For every one SUPER that comes under your left leg and another one on your right leg,  you earn N81,000 instantly which you can also cash out to your bank account whether or not you were the one that registered them or not.

We have not even started at all. Now imagine what happens when you refer or sponsor 10 SUPER’s? That’s about N2.2 million


Imagine when 10 SUPER’s drop on your left side and on your right side? That’s *N810,000* you would have earned without you even registering anyone or doing anything

Who is now ready to fly in this business?

That’s why I’m crazy about this business my dear…. I don’t know about you. The pay is massive* ?????

Life is Super


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