How To Steal A fowl

How to steal a fowl
Here are the guidelines on how to steal a fowl, Read and Laugh
Stealing a fowl requires special skill. If you’re caught, you are on your own, From my 20 years of experience, I have combined a guideline to help you in your chosen career

Here are the steps on How to steal a fowl

1: First locate your Choice fowl and monitor it
2: Wait till it gets dark, then get ready for some adventure
3: Wear an oversized shirt and trousers (u will know y later)
4: Go with a torch..( flash once in a while)
5: Make sure you don’t distract the fowls ..don’t allow anyone to see you
6: Point the torch directly to your fowl’s eyes and make ur move(throw full length)
1: Once you’ve caught the fowl, close the mouth immediately to avoid noise
2: Put the fowl inside your shirt and hold firmly with ur two hands
3: Pretend as if cold is catching you and walk out of that area
Tested and trusted 😁😁
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